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Programs 1

Tvbot on the moon!

Tvbot visited the moon recently. There are lots of craters and mountains on the moon, and Tvbot got lost. Tvbot needs your help in getting back to its rocket ship.

Examples of left, right, up, down commands

On the left, you can see Tvbot on the moon. You can move Tvbot by using the "up," "down," "left," and "right" commands.

Examples of Tvbot bumping into green line.

Tvbot cannot move outside the green line. Tvbot will simply wait if it cannot follow your commands.

Diagram showing parts of a program and the run button.

Give instructions to Tvbot about how to get back to the rocket ship. Tvbot has to get to the blue area to get on the ship.


Programming Basics

Programming Basics: Beginners

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